Open House

Real Estate Depot frequently will hold an open house when there is a lot of interest in a rental property.
We generally do not show the rentals we manage until after the tenants have vacated.
Once a tenant has vacated, we make necessary preparations for the next tenant.
We start advertising once the old tenant gives notice.
While we're waiting for possession, we collect contact information of those people who show are interest in the property.
Once we are ready, we contact everybody on our list that has shown an interest in the property to inform them that the property is ready to show.
We'll hold an open house if we have more that 10 people on our list.

Our agent will be prepared to collect applications at the open house:

We know that making it to the open house can be challenging. We want to make sure that everybody who shows will have an opportunity to apply.
We require everyone at the open house to fill our the Questionnaire bellow to help use determine who's application to run first.